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Because you care, a Trishaw Story.

When you donate, it has an amazing impact on the lives of our friends, family and neighbors who rely on Loch Lomond Villa. Meet a resident, family member, volunteer and staff who have benefited from your generosity.

It was one of those spring days that we cross our fingers for all winter long. When the sun breaks free from its prison of fog and shines down on every inch of the city. Heidi Hooten-Garland decided to take full advantage of Mother Nature’s lenience and take her mother, a resident of Loch Lomond Villa, out on the Cycling without Age trishaw. It was a gamble – she didn’t know if her mother would be willing, or how it’d work, or if it’d make her too anxious. These days, there was a laundry list of stressors in Maxine’s life; from being in Heidi’s home to long walks outdoors to car rides. She was at war with her dementia, fighting every day to remain herself. She was an active woman in her past; she enjoyed biking in rain or snow, but as she grew older, this was an activity that she had to forgo. Cycling without Age was able to bring that back to her.

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Kay Growing Up in the 1920’s

Kay Growing up in the 1920’s – A life story by Molly McGovern

For the past seven years Kay Best has been a resident at Loch Lomond Villa. In these years Kay has grown to become a part of our family. As part of Loch Lomond Villa’s mission to be a community dedicated to breaking barriers in long term care we have the Senior’s Dream Program. This program is dedicated to fulfilling life long dreams of our residents and showing the greater Saint John community that age really is just a number. Kay Best was one resident who had her dream fulfilled which was to have a portrait commissioned highlighting five generations of women in her family.

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Doreen Growing Up in the 1920’s.

Doreen Growing up in the 1920’s – A life story by Molly McGovern

For Doreen the 1920’s were an unpredictable time. Many families in the Saint John community walked a tightrope between financial struggle and success. Doreen was born on October 4th, 1926 to Viola and Frank Henry Arthurs. While growing up Doreen watched a lot of families struggle. Her mother and father faced their own challenges. Yet, they were fortunate to own “Quality Packing Company”, a local grocery store located at 523 Main Street North. The store ensured that their family never went hungry. As a girl Doreen watched her mother and father work as a team to build their success. They supported one another and weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! Together, they cured their own meats, and laundered and repaired the store uniforms. The store kept her parents hands full. Doreen is adamant that her mother made sure that her children came first. They never had to lift a finger and were well looked after.

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Phil and Margaret

Phil and Margaret became part of the Loch Lomond Villa family in 2007, after Margaret fell victim to Alzheimer’s disease and her condition progressed to the point where a care home was necessary. They were welcomed with open arms by the dedicated staff and friendly residents and soon enough, the Villa became their home. Phil would visit Marg every day for lunch and walks through the building, enjoying everything that the Villa has to offer. Marg took part in the iPod music therapy program, took every chance to get out on the WhisperGlide swing and took in the sights as she walked through the glassed-in atrium multiple times a day. Phil saw the standard of care that the Villa offered his wife and witnessed her appreciation and happiness first-hand. He chose Loch Lomond Villa as his wife’s new home for the quality of care that we pride ourselves on, but once he’d experienced it himself, he was blown away at how the staff and residents go above and   beyond our philosophy.

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