Amy Johnson


Amy joined the Loch Lomond Villa Foundation Board of Directors in 2015, after working with the Foundation as a summer student. Working under Kristen, she was given a hands-on experience that showed her how great of an organization she was a part of. She developed personal attachments to our employees, values and residents. She believes it is a personal accomplishment to contribute to Loch Lomond Villa Foundation as a board member.

Amy loves seeing how much passion and pride radiates off of each employee, volunteer and resident; what truly sets us apart from any other organization is how we view one another as family and work together toward our common goals. Amy aims to see the Foundation grow to new heights and become known as an organization that supports the aging community as a whole, in addition to the residents and families of Loch Lomond Villa.

Music is dear to Amy’s heart and distance is no obstacle when it comes to seeing her favorite performers live! In fact, Amy travels up to 22 hours annually for a four-day music festival to get her fix!