Capital Equipment

With careful consideration and consultation each year, Loch Lomond Villa staff develop a prioritized list of essential new equipment and capital needs.

Funded In 2016/2017:

14 New Electric Beds – The new Invacare Carroll Electric Beds, at a cost of $2,133 each, is now an industry standard for long term care beds. Residents stay better positioned while in the bed and the simultaneous movement of the bed helps prevent painful skin shearing that might otherwise occur during repositioning. This equipment also supports the safety of our care staff at the bed side from lifting or reaching injuries that can occur while providing care with older outdated equipment.

Wound Care Program Supplies – help keep residents comfortable, while providing support to eliminate or prevent wound development.

Fall Prevention Mats and Hip Protectors were purchased to further our safety initiatives and allow residents to maintain their independence.

The Second Trishaw arrived in Spring 2017 thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor to expand the program for residents.

Prior to 2016

Movie Theater – was built to add an area residents can enjoy themselves, with other residents and with family/friends. Accessible 24hrs a day it can be used to watch movies, tv shows, sports and news.

The Solarium – provides residents the opportunity to enjoy nature and natural sunlight without the dangers or discomforts of being outside in our cooler climate.

Dining Room Tables – that are adjustable to varying heights for individuals to enjoy a meal comfortably.

Commode Chairs – are important pieces of equipment to provide for continued quality of life, giving residents dignity and privacy.

WhisperGLIDE Swing – The first was purchased in 2012 and was installed in the outdoor courtyard of the Village. In 2016 thanks to the help of donations we purchased a second Swing for the courtyard at the Villa. The Swing allows residents with limited mobility easy access the the comfort and enjoyment of rocking, benefits of spending time in the outdoors and with loved ones reminiscing.

Blanket Warming Oven – provides comfort to residents year round. Whether just out of a bath to warm up or are just in need of some warmth.

New Resident Transportation Van 2014 – was purchased to replace a previously aging bus that was no longer reliable or cost effective to run. This purchase has made a world of difference in the lives of our residents by providing the opportunity to transport them safely and comfortably recreation outings, helping them to stay connected to their communities; by attending activities like visiting museums, parks, church services, friends and family, and going out to restaurants

and many more items!

Capital Campaign 2012 – The Village

Raising over $800,000

Providing funds for Glass Roofs to form two indoor courtyards

Purchased a service elevator to support in efficient and safe laundry and food service practices

Providing funding for furniture, water fountain, fish pond, waterfall for the two indoor courtyards

Providing a Kids playground for visiting families and staff and community daycare center

Providing Movie Theatre and outdoor labyrinth garden

Thanks to support by the Rotary Club of Saint John a Snozelon  Therapy Room