Your donations help to sustain important and greatly appreciated programs such as professional development for staff and two post-secondary bursaries. One for staff and/or staff dependents and one for our volunteers entering or returning to post-secondary education institutions.

Applications must be completed in full and submitted to the Foundation Office between May 1st – June 1st, 2023 to be eligible. The Foundation Board of Directors have developed a Bursary Sub-Committee who will review each application and make their decision at their meeting in June 2023.  The winners will be contacted and photos will be taken for distribution on social media.

Post-Secondary Staff Bursary Fund – $500

Post- Secondary Volunteer Bursary Fund- $500

Please follow link below to find both application forms.

Staff and Volunteer Application Forms


Photo Above: 2019 Post-Secondary Staff Bursary Winner Sarah Draper and Volunteer Bursary Winner Joshua Shanks with Foundation Coordinator Cassandra Hanson.

2022 Post-Secondary Volunteer/Staff Bursary Winner- Bailey Connors

2021 Posy-Secondary Volunteer Bursary Winner- Josh Shanks

2021 Post- Secondary Staff Bursary Winner- Hannah Boucher

2021 Post- Secondary Staff Dependent Winner- Katie Budrow

2019 Post-Secondary Volunteer Bursary Winner  – Josh Shanks

2019 Post-Secondary Staff Bursary Winner – Sarah Draper

2018 Post-Secondary Volunteer Bursary Winner  – Bryce Watson

2018 Post-Secondary Staff Bursary Winner – Janel McGrath

2017 Post-Secondary Bursary Winner  – Jacob Shillington

2016 Post-Secondary Bursary Winner – Elizabeth Malatestinic