Program Initiatives

Donations to Loch Lomond Villa Foundation help provide necessary funding for innovative programming to support recreation and wellness programs essential to Loch Lomond Villa clients.

Funded in 2016/2017:

Music Therapy Program

Provides small and individual music programs by a Certified Music Therapist, large group entertainment, iPod Equipment and more! The annual cost of this program is $14,000. Music Therapy Program has been funded by the Foundation since 2012.

Cuddle Therapy Dolls

Hand crafted realistic looking infant dolls to comfort seniors suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Thanks to the support from a family member we now own 6 of our own Cuddle Dolls to provide this comfort program at a cost of $1,500.

Garden Therapy

The Resident Gardening Program at Loch Lomond Villa was implemented in 2016 with two raised garden boxes and was a great success. The residents enjoyed planting the seeds, watering the plants and caring for them as they grew over the summer. Some residents even had a friendly competition amongst themselves on who grew the best tomatoes. Once the vegetables were ready for picking the staff ensure that those residents then got to enjoy those vegetables, utilizing them for meals and snacks. Because of this, we are expanded the capacity to include more residents by adding four additional raised wooden garden boxes and seeds at a cost of $1,500

In 2015 the Garden Therapy Program received a Garden Trolley for Evergreen House to grow flowers in their own upstairs Solarium.

IN2L “It’s Never too Late” System

This adaptive technology system is providing elders, caregivers, and staff innovative opportunities to communicate, access resources, and to stay connected and involved in the world and their communities. This program was implemented in 2012 after receiving a grant of $24,000 to purchase a system for both the Villa and Village. The annual fees associated with upgrades, subscriptions and repairs is $4,500.

Annual Subscription to the Telegraph Journal

The News & Views program. Keeps residents connected to their local community, through this reading out loud program of the newspaper to residents. Cost annually is $350

Art Therapy Program

Purchased the construction and installation of a Gallery Wall for both homes that engages inter-generational programs with Bayview School children and our residents. The Gallery Wall its an area that both groups can showcase their artwork to the public.