Helen and Gerry Burchill

Helen and Gerry Burchill were like “two 16 year olds in love” describes their daughter Brenda. Married for nearly 60 years they were madly, deeply in love right up until the end. They had a wonderful life, and were actively involved in the community and with their family.

Music was always a big part of their life. They went to legion dances every weekend for years and danced the night away.

Once admitted to Loch Lomond Villa Gerry ensured that he kissed Helen goodnight every evening before bed and waited each   morning to take her to breakfast. “Unless you have visited and     experienced a nursing home or aging with a loved one it is hard to imagine the lifestyle, but a nursing home does not mean life is over, but that they can continue living life to the fullest,” says Brenda.

Music is universal. It communicates and transcends many diseases,  cultures and people. It can connect the brain to help with memory recall, manage pain, and improve mood.

“People have asked me numerous times why we listed Loch Lomond Villa’s music therapy program in their memorials for donations. But I tell them that its not just one thing. It’s a program that provides staff with a variety of tools to help care and treat residents living with many different conditions.” says Brenda.

“A nursing home does not mean life is over, but that they can   continue living life to the fullest.”

Music therapy is not only social events like live entertainment but also time with a certified music therapist, and iPod therapy.

Gerry benefitted from larger group activities and entertainment, whereas Helen benefitted from the personal iPod and music therapist time. “The iPod therapy made a huge difference for mom. When she could still walk she would walk all day, but once she became  confined to a wheelchair she would become agitated. But if I placed the iPod headphones on her it would immediately calm her for the hour it was on and it would last for hours afterwards” describes Brenda.

On behalf of the Burchill family, Brenda would like to thank everyone who made a donation in memory of her parents towards the music therapy program. “Your support has made a meaningful difference in the lives of many   residents and their families just like ours. Thank You!”

The Music Therapy Program operates at a cost of $13,500 per year, funded 100% by donations from people like you to the Foundation.

“A donation to help another is one of the finest gifts you can give in a loved one’s memory.”