Phil & Margaret

Phil and Margaret became part of the Loch Lomond Villa family in 2007, after Margaret fell victim to Alzheimer’s disease and her condition progressed to the point where a care home was necessary. They were welcomed with open arms by the dedicated staff and friendly residents and soon enough, the Villa became their home. Phil would visit Marg every day for lunch and walks through the building, enjoying everything that the Villa has to offer. Marg took part in the iPod music therapy program, took every chance to get out on the WhisperGlide swing and took in the sights as she walked through the glassed-in atrium multiple times a day. Phil saw the standard of care that the Villa offered his wife and witnessed her appreciation and happiness first-hand. He chose Loch Lomond Villa as his wife’s new home for the quality of care that we pride ourselves on, but once he’d experienced it himself, he was blown away at how the staff and residents go above and   beyond our philosophy.

This is why he chose to name Loch Lomond Villa Foundation in his will.

Before Phil passed away in May 2016, he expressed his gratitude and respect for Loch Lomond Villa by saying, “living in such a cheerful, peaceful and warm environment as Loch Lomond Villa with the ever-positive staff, you have a recipe for creating positive changes for improving the quality of life in both mental and physical health for not only the resident but entire family.” By arranging a gift in his will, Phil was able to help perpetuate the standard of care which his wife received that he was so grateful for.