Chrissy Arrowsmith

Loch Lomond Villa is not only a home for the residents, it is also a home for their families. With help from your generous donations family members such as Chrissy and her mother Jean can now enjoy having a comfortable place to visit. You are not only improving the quality of life of the residents but you are enhancing resources for families to enjoy quality time with family members, friends and loved ones.

Chrissy’s mom Jean has been at the Villa since November and she always loves visiting her, especially in her favorite space the solarium. “Mom enjoys everything from the many open windows, to the comfortable chairs and loungers, to the beautiful flowers” says Chrissy. What makes it even more special for her family is that a rose bush that was given to Jean by her husband is now flourishing in the solarium. The special connection she has with the solarium encourages Chrissy to take her mom every time she visits. They have spent hours sitting in the solarium together, even taking a few selfies. Chrissy can’t explain her love for this special space except to say, “it is just so beautiful.”


Chrissy says “it is an amazing feeling knowing I can come and visit, and leave knowing my mom is being well taken care of. Thank you to all those who helped contribute to this solarium, as it will always be a special space for me and my mom.”